Figure 6 in Morphology and phylogenetic relationships of the earliest known hippopotamids (Cetartiodactyla, Hippopotamidae, Kenyapotaminae)

  • Jean Renaud Boisserie (Contributor)
  • Fabrice Lihoreau (Contributor)
  • Maeva Orliac (Contributor)
  • Rebecca E Fisher (Contributor)
  • Eleanor M. Weston (Contributor)
  • Stéphane Ducrocq (Contributor)



Figure 6. Lower premolars of Kenyapotaminae. A, Kenyapotamus coryndonae, KNM-BN 1483/1487, right P2 (left, occlusal view; right, lingual view). B, K. coryndonae, KNM-BN 1490, right P2 or P3 (left, occlusal view; right, lingual view). C, K. coryndonae, KNM-NA 194, right lower premolar, most probably P4 (left, occlusal view; right, labial view). D, K. coryndonae, KNM-NA 246, right P4 (left, occlusal view; right, lingual view). Localities: BN, Ngeringerowa; NA, Nakali. Scale bars = 1 cm.
Date made available2010

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