Figure 6 in Diegoaelurus, a new machaeroidine (Oxyaenidae) from the Santiago Formation (late Uintan) of southern California and the relationships of Machaeroidinae, the oldest group of sabertooth mammals

  • Shawn P. Zack (Contributor)
  • Ashley W. Poust (Contributor)
  • Hugh Wagner (Contributor)



Figure 6 Phylogeny of Machaeroidinae. Single most parsimonious tree (L: 30; CI: 0.83; RI: 0.61) depicting the interrelationships of Machaeroidinae. Numbers below nodes within the ingroup indicate Bremer support. Full-size DOI: 10.7717/peerj.13032/fig-6
Date made availableMar 15 2022

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