Figure 4 from: Kavanaugh DH, Maddison DR, Simison WB, Schoville SD, Schmidt J, Faille A, Moore W, Pflug JM, Archambeault SL, Hoang T, Chen J-Y (2021) Phylogeny of the supertribe Nebriitae (Coleoptera, Carabidae) based on analyses of DNA sequence data. In: Spence J, Casale A, Assmann T, Liebherr JК, Penev L (Eds) Systematic Zoology and Biodiversity Science: A tribute to Terry Erwin (1940-2020). ZooKeys 1044: 41-152.

  • David H. Kavanaugh (Contributor)
  • David R. Maddison (Contributor)
  • W. Brian Simison (Contributor)
  • Sean D. Schoville (Contributor)
  • Joachim Schmidt (Contributor)
  • Arnaud Faille (Contributor)
  • Wendy Moore Brusca (Contributor)
  • James M. Pflug (Contributor)
  • Sophie L. Archambeault (Contributor)
  • Tinya Hoang (Contributor)
  • Jei Ying Chen (Contributor)



Figure 4 Continued.
Date made availableJun 24 2021

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