Figure 3 from: Moore W, Song X, Di Giulio A (2011) The larva of Eustra (Coleoptera, Paussinae, Ozaenini): a facultative associate of ants. ZooKeys 90: 63-82.



Figure 3 - Eustra chinensis first instar larva: SEM micrographs of a apex of left antenna, dorsal view b apex of left mandible, lateral view c apex of left galea, dorsal view d right lacinia, dorsal view e digitiform sensillum of maxillary palpomere IV, lateral view f labium, dorsal view. Scale bars: a = 20 µm; b, f = 25 µm; c, d = 10 µm; e = 2 µm.
Date made availableApr 14 2011

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