Figure 2 from: Edwards T, Karl AE, Vaughn M, Rosen PC, Torres CM, Murphy RW (2016) The desert tortoise trichotomy: Mexico hosts a third, new sister-species of tortoise in the Gopherus morafkai–G. agassizii group. ZooKeys 562: 131-158.

  • Taylor Edwards (Contributor)
  • Alice E. Karl (Contributor)
  • Mercy Vaughn (Contributor)
  • Philip Rosen (Contributor)
  • Cristina Meléndez Torres (Contributor)
  • Robert W. Murphy (Contributor)



Figure 2 - The flat shell profile/shape of carapace generally distinguishes Gopherus evgoodei from other species of desert tortoises. Live, wild-caught individuals from (i–iv) Rancho Las Cabras and (v–vi) Rancho La Sierrita near Alamos, Sonora, Mexico (in Tropical Deciduous Forest).
Date made availableFeb 10 2016

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