Figure 2 from: Cui H, Macklin J, Sachs J, Reznicek A, Starr J, Ford B, Penev L, Chen H (2018) Incentivising use of structured language in biological descriptions: Author-driven phenotype data and ontology production. Biodiversity Data Journal 6: e29616.

  • Hong Cui (Contributor)
  • James Macklin (Contributor)
  • Joel Sachs (Contributor)
  • Anton Reznicek (Contributor)
  • Julian Starr (Contributor)
  • Bruce Ford (Contributor)
  • Lyubomir Penev (Contributor)



Figure 2 The system detects that the user is attempting to add a substructure (apex) to multiple parent structures (leaf and leaflet). This triggers the system to suggest the non-specific structure pattern to the user. When the user confirms, the system will insert four assertions (4 links in the graph) into the ontology automatically.
Date made availableNov 15 2018

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