Figure 2. Dental nomenclature. A in Morphology and phylogenetic relationships of the earliest known hippopotamids (Cetartiodactyla, Hippopotamidae, Kenyapotaminae)

  • Jean Renaud Boisserie (Contributor)
  • Fabrice Lihoreau (Contributor)
  • Maeva Orliac (Contributor)
  • Rebecca E Fisher (Contributor)
  • Eleanor M. Weston (Contributor)
  • St├ęphane Ducrocq (Contributor)



Figure 2. Dental nomenclature. A, tooth orientation: the top arrow indicates the mesiolingual direction. B, structures identifiable on cingula/-ids. On upper molars, isolated pre-ectostyle, ectostyle, and postectostyle are also named parastyle, mesostyle, and metastyle, respectively. C, sketch of a right upper molar in occlusal view. D, sketch of a right lower molar (M3) in occlusal view. E, sketch of a right upper premolar in occlusal view. F, sketch of a right lower premolar in occlusal view. Abbreviations: Para., paracone; Proto., protocone; Meta., metacone; Metaul., metaconule; Metad., metaconid; Protod., protoconid; Entod., entoconid; Hypod., hypoconid; Hypoulid., hypoconulid; -c., -crista; -cul., -cristule; -cid., -cristid; -culid., -cristulid. See also Supporting Information Figures S1 and S2.
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