Figure 1 from: Edwards T, Karl AE, Vaughn M, Rosen PC, Torres CM, Murphy RW (2016) The desert tortoise trichotomy: Mexico hosts a third, new sister-species of tortoise in the Gopherus morafkai–G. agassizii group. ZooKeys 562: 131-158.

  • Taylor Edwards (Contributor)
  • Alice E. Karl (Contributor)
  • Mercy Vaughn (Contributor)
  • Philip Rosen (Contributor)
  • Cristina Meléndez Torres (Contributor)
  • Robert W. Murphy (Contributor)



Figure 1 - Conservative estimate of the distribution of Gopherus evgoodei in Mexico indicated by diagonal lines. Desert tortoise range limit, modified based on our field sampling, from Germano et al. (1994). Squares indicate museum and literature records of occurrence of Gopherus spp. Circles are sample locations from Edwards et al. (2015) for both Gopherus morafkai (black) and Gopherus evgoodei (white). Localities in the Sinaloan thornscrub-Sonoran desertscrub ecotone indicated by split circles, which indicate the occurrence of both Gopherus evgoodei and Gopherus morafkai genotypes and/or hybrids.
Date made availableFeb 10 2016

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