Elucidation of the expression profile of independent clones of mutant mtBALB and wild type control mtB6 murine cybrid cells

  • Jana Jandova (Contributor)
  • Jaroslav Janda (Contributor)



We generated murine fibroblast cybrid cell lines that have identical nuclear genomes and differ only in their mtDNA. We observed increased cellular proliferation and resistance to apoptosis in the mtBALB compared to the mtB6 cybrid cells, phenotypes seen in malignant cells. Based on these observations we investigated whether these phenotypic differences could be caused by a unique spectrum of nuclear gene expression alterations induced by the mtDNA changes. Microarray analysis (Agilent, 44K mouse whole genome chip) was conducted in order to elucidate the expression profile of three independent clones of mtBALB and mtB6 cybrid cells. Two-condition experiment, mtB6 vs. mtBALB cells. Biological replicates: 4 control replicates, 4 mutant replicates.
Date made available2012

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