Division of focal plane RGB full-Stokes imaging polarimeter

  • Xingzhou Tu (Contributor)
  • Scott C. McEldowney (Creator)
  • Yang Zou (Creator)
  • Matthew H. Smith (Creator)
  • C. Guido (Creator)
  • Neal Brock (Creator)
  • Sawyer Miller (Creator)
  • Linan Jiang (Contributor)
  • Stanley K H Pau (Creator)
  • T. U. Xingzhou (Contributor)
  • Christopher Guido (Creator)
  • Neal Brock (Creator)



We calibrate and test a division-of-focal-plane RGB full-Stokes imaging polarimeter in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. The polarimeter, acting as a polarization camera, utilizes a low dispersion micro-retarder array on top of a sensor with Bayer filters and wire-grid linear polarizers. We also present the design and fabrication of the micro-retarder array and the assembly of the camera and validate the performance of the camera by taking multiple RGB full-Stokes images and videos. Our camera has a small form factor due to its single sensor design and the unique capability to measure the intensity, color, and polarization of an optical field in a single shot.
Date made available2020
PublisherThe Optical Society

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