Distinguishing Between Shock Darkening and Space Weathering Trends in Ordinary Chondrite Reflectance Spectra

  • Tomas Kohout (Contributor)
  • Antti Penttila (Contributor)
  • Paul Mann (Contributor)
  • Edward A. Cloutis (Contributor)
  • Jan Čuda (Contributor)
  • Jan Filip (Contributor)
  • Ondrej Malina (Contributor)
  • Vishnu V Reddy Kanupuru (Contributor)
  • Victor I. Grokhovsky (Contributor)
  • Grigoriy A. Yakovlev (Contributor)
  • Patricie Halodova (Contributor)
  • Jakub Haloda (Contributor)



The data file contains raw spectra of Chelyabinsk meteorite IM, SD, and SW series as described in the linked journal publication.
Date made available2020

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