Dimuon production in proton - copper collisions at s**(1/2) = 38.8-GeV

  • G. Moreno (Creator)
  • C. Brown (Creator)
  • W. E. Cooper (Creator)
  • D. Finley (Creator)
  • Y. B. Hsiung (Creator)
  • A. Jonckheere (Creator)
  • H. Jöstlein (Creator)
  • D. M. Kaplan (Creator)
  • L. M. Lederman (Creator)
  • Y. Hemmi (Creator)
  • K. Imai (Creator)
  • K. Miyake (Creator)
  • T. T. Nakamura (Creator)
  • N. Sasao (Creator)
  • N. Tamura (Creator)
  • T. Yoshida (Creator)
  • A. Maki (Creator)
  • Y. Sakai (Creator)
  • R. Gray (Creator)
  • K. B. Luk (Creator)
  • John P Rutherfoord (Creator)
  • P. B. Straub (Creator)
  • R. W. Williams (Creator)
  • K. K. Young (Creator)
  • M. Adams (Creator)
  • H. Glass (Creator)
  • D. Jaffe (Creator)
  • R. McCarthy (Creator)
  • J. A. Crittenden (Creator)
  • S. Smith (Creator)
  • T. Nakamura (Creator)
  • N. Sasao (Creator)
  • N. Tamura (Creator)
  • A. Maki (Creator)
  • J. P. Rutherfoord (Creator)
  • R. W. Williams (Creator)



FERMILAB. Study of high mass di-muon production in proton-copper collisions at cm energy 38.8 GeV.
Date made available1991
  • Dimuon production in proton-copper collisions at s=38.8 GeV

    Moreno, G., Brown, C. N., Cooper, W. E., Finley, D., Hsiung, Y. B., Jonckheere, A. M., Jostlein, H., Kaplan, D. M., Lederman, L. M., Hemmi, Y., Imai, K., Miyake, K., Nakamura, T., Sasao, N., Tamura, N., Yoshida, T., Maki, A., Sakai, Y., Gray, R., Luk, K. B., & 10 othersRutherfoord, J. P., Straub, P. B., Williams, R. W., Young, K. K., Adams, M. R., Glass, H., Jaffe, D., McCarthy, R. L., Crittenden, J. A. & Smith, S. R., 1991, In: Physical Review D. 43, 9, p. 2815-2835 21 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    224 Scopus citations

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