Dataset for: "Effect of the Cold Nazca Slab on the Depth of the 660km Discontinuity in South America"

  • Marcelo Assumpção (Contributor)
  • Clinton Koch (Contributor)
  • Susan L Beck (Contributor)



This dataset contains the resulting stacked receiver functions, interpreted times (as tables and grids), and derived depths (as tables and grids) for the 410 km and 660 km discontinuities across the whole South America Continent. It also contains considered piercing point positions used for stacking and also a derived grid for the transition zone thickness along with seismic sections PDF files. This dataset is detailed described and discussed by the article entitled “Effect of the Cold Nazca Slab on the Depth of the 660 km Discontinuity in South America" published by the Journal of South American Earth Sciences in the year 2021 under DOI 10.1016/j.jsames.2021.103607. For a complete description of the available data check the included `README` file. Binary files use standard formats that can be open using standard open software. Files checksum are available in the MD5SUM file.
Date made availableOct 14 2021

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