Data for: Widespread support for a global species list with a formal governance system



This spreadsheet provides all cleaned and validated data used in the analysis of the GSLWG survey to gather opinions about the governance of taxonomic lists. Data are anonymous. Interpertations of variables are available in a separate codebook file, also available on Dryad and associated with this manuscript. In addition to raw survey data, additional supplemental data are provided: 1. Coding manual providing definitions for each variable included in the survey dataset in .csv format 2. The data analysis code in Stata .do format and PDF format 3. The survey instrument in several languages in PDF format 4. A detailed description of the survey methodology and data analysis approach in PDF format 5. The full results of the survey in tabular form 6. Additional figures presenting survey results All data are also available on the website of the Open Science Framework (OSF), along with survey pre-registration data:
Date made availableDec 29 2022

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