Data for Quantification and classification of grainflow morphology on natural dunes

  • Pei Zhang (Contributor)
  • Douglas J. Sherman (Contributor)
  • Jon D Pelletier (Contributor)
  • Jean T. Ellis (Contributor)
  • Eugene J. Farrell (Contributor)
  • Bailiang Li (Contributor)



Overview: The attached file, “GrainflowMorphologyCharacteristics.xlsx”, includes the grainflow morphometric attributes used in the article “Quantification and classification of grainflow morphology on natural dunes” by Zhang, Pei; Sherman, Douglas J.; Pelletier, Jon D.; Ellis, Jean T.; Farrell, Eugene J.; Li, Bailiang, published in Earth Surface Processes and Landforms. Key to variables (unit): Date: date of data collection at Jericoacoara, Brazil. Dunes: “S” indicates samples from the smaller dune (21.3 m high), and “L” indicates samples from the larger dune (54.5 m high). Details of the metrics may be found in the associated publication ( \(\bar{l_{g}}\) (m): average length \(\bar{w_{g}}\) (m): average width \(r_{t}\) : rectangularity \(TRI\): triangularity \(e_{g}\): elongation Type: classified types
Date made availableFeb 17 2022

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