Data for: Background and Lunar Neutron Populations Detected by LEND and Average Concentration of Near-Surface Hydrogen Near the Moon’s Poles

  • T. Livengood (Contributor)
  • I. Mitrofanov (Contributor)
  • G. Chin (Contributor)
  • W.V. Boynton (Contributor)
  • Julia G. Bodnarik (Contributor)
  • L. G. Evans (Contributor)
  • K. Harshman (Contributor)
  • M. L. Litvak (Contributor)
  • T. P. McClanahan (Contributor)
  • R. Sagdeev (Contributor)
  • A. Sanin (Contributor)
  • Richard D. Starr (Contributor)
  • J. J. Su (Contributor)


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