Crystal structure of the NM23-H2 transcription factor complex with dinucleotide d(AG)

  • Solange Moréra (Contributor)
  • Marie-Lise Lacombe (Contributor)
  • Xu Yingwu (Contributor)
  • Gérard LeBras and Joël Janin (Contributor)
  • Thomas S. Dexheimer (Contributor)
  • Steven S. Carey (Contributor)
  • Song Zuohe (Contributor)
  • Vijay Gokhale (Contributor)
  • Xiaohui Hu (Contributor)
  • Lauren B. Murata (Contributor)
  • Estelle M. Maes (Contributor)
  • Andrzej Weichsel (Contributor)
  • Daekyu Sun (Contributor)
  • Emmanuelle J. Meuillet (Contributor)
  • William R Montfort (Contributor)
  • Laurence Hurley (Contributor)


Date made availableSep 23 2008
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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