Coral-based Sea Surface Salinity Reconstructions and the Role of Observational Uncertainties in Inferred Variability and Trends



This .zip file contains the Python code and inputs necessary to reproduce the sea surface salinity (SSS) climate field reconstructions (CFRs) in the accompanying publication (Reed et al., in review as of 5/18/2022). The final coral-based CFRs for IAP and ORAS5 salinity are included as well. Contents include: Python code (provided as a Jupyter Notebook) Inputs: SSS data sets (NetCDFs) for ORAS5 and IAP EN4.2.1 SSS uncertainties for calibrations Iso2K coral records (Excel file). Land-sea masks for ORAS5 members Note: These input files are provided here for the sake of reproducibility. They are not the authoritative sources for these data sets (for sources, see Reed et al., in review). Outputs: coral-based SSS field reconstructions (NetCDFs) for IAP and ORAS5 members For more information, see the Readme file.
Date made availableAug 1 2022

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