Cool evolved stars in SAGE-SMC and SAGE-LMC

  • M. L. Boyer (Creator)
  • S. Srinivasan (Creator)
  • J. Th Van Loon (Creator)
  • I. McDonald (Creator)
  • M. Meixner (Creator)
  • Dennis F Zaritsky (Creator)
  • K. D. Gordon (Creator)
  • F. Kemper (Creator)
  • Brian Babler (Creator)
  • M. Block (Creator)
  • Steve Bracker (Creator)
  • C. W. Engelbracht (Creator)
  • J. L. Hora (Creator)
  • Remy Indebetouw (Creator)
  • Marilyn Meade (Creator)
  • K. A. Misselt (Creator)
  • T. Robitaille (Creator)
  • M. Sewiło (Contributor)
  • B. Shiao (Creator)
  • Barbara Whitney (Creator)
  • J.T. Van Loon (Creator)
  • I. McDonald (Creator)
  • M. Meixner (Creator)
  • F. Kemper (Creator)
  • Remy Indebetouw (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'Surveying the agents of galaxy evolution in the tidally stripped, low metallicity Small Magellanic Cloud (SAGE-SMC). II. Cool evolved stars.' (bibcode: 2011AJ....142..103B)
Date made available2013
PublisherCentre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS)

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