Constraining the Neutron Star Mass-Radius Relation and Dense Matter Equation of State with NICER. I. The Millisecond Pulsar X-Ray Data Set

  • Slavko Bogdanov (Contributor)
  • Sebastien Guillot (Contributor)
  • Paul S. Ray (Contributor)
  • Deepto Chakrabarty (Contributor)
  • Wynn C.G. Ho (Contributor)
  • Matthew Kerr (Contributor)
  • Frederick K. Lamb (Contributor)
  • Andrea Lommen (Contributor)
  • Renee M. Ludlam (Contributor)
  • Reilly Milburn (Contributor)
  • Sergio Montano (Contributor)
  • M. Coleman Miller (Contributor)
  • Michi Bauböck (Contributor)
  • Feryal Ozel (Contributor)
  • Dimitrios Psaltis (Contributor)
  • R. Remillard (Contributor)
  • Thomas E. Riley (Contributor)
  • James F. Steiner (Contributor)
  • T. E. Strohmayer (Contributor)
  • Anna L. Watts (Contributor)
  • K. Wood (Contributor)
  • Jesse Zeldes (Contributor)
  • T. Enoto (Contributor)
  • Takashi Okajima (Contributor)
  • James W. Kellogg (Contributor)
  • Charles Baker (Contributor)
  • Craig B. Markwardt (Contributor)
  • Zaven Arzoumanian (Contributor)
  • Keith C. Gendreau (Contributor)



This deposit includes the cleaned, filtered and phase folded NICER event data set for the millisecond pulsar (MSP) PSR J0030+0451 in the 0.25-3 keV band. The data processing and filtering was performed using HEASoft 6.251 and NICERDAS version 5.0; the specific parameters and filtering criteria used are detailed in the ApJ Letter listed above. This event list was used to produce what is shown for PSR J0030+0451 in Figures 2, 3, and 4 in the accepted ApJ Letter listed above and was also used for the neutron star mass-radius and equation of state inference analyses presented in the companion papers (Miller et al. 2019, Riley et al. 2019, and Raaijmakers et al. 2019). The event file and its MD5 checksum is: J0030+0451_merged_phase_0.25-3keV.fits (463bbac7203bb45bb02ea0deed49f083)
Date made availableOct 31 2019

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