Climate and Weather Impacts to Wine Grapes in Arizona in 2018-2019 growing season as described by growers



In October 2019, as part of our collaboration with a project focused on nexus of climate and viticulture in Arizona, we helped hold two workshops focused on reviewing the 2018-2019 wine grape growing season in Arizona. Workshops were held in two of the main viticulture regions in Arizona: the Verde Valley and Cochise County. Twenty-four people attended the Yavapai County workshop; 9 vineyards were represented but a number of workshop participants were students not representing a vineyard. Those participants did not contribute to the climate and weather data. Six people representing 6 vineyards participated in the Cochise County workshop. At each workshop, growers were asked to list various climate- and weather-related events that had affected their vineyards over the past year. Participants made notes about climate and weather events as well as crop quality on large paper timelines taped to the wall of the meeting room. Data included here are the summaries of the notes provided by growers. The goal of this data collection was to provide Arizona Cooperative Extension researchers with information about how to provide climate and weather data tailored to the needs of the Arizona viticulture industry. These data represent the experiences of a non-random sample of viticulturalists for one year of time. The data have been de-identified so as to refer only to the county in which a vineyard exists. These data cannot be generalized to apply to other states, years, or vineyards. They provide some insight into the kinds of climate and weather events that affect wine grape production in the state of Arizona.

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