Broad-line AGNs in zCOSMOS survey

  • Andrea Merloni (Creator)
  • A. Bongiorno (Creator)
  • M. Bolzonella (Creator)
  • M. Brusa (Creator)
  • F. Civano (Creator)
  • A. Comastri (Creator)
  • M. Elvis (Creator)
  • F. Fiore (Creator)
  • R. Gilli (Creator)
  • H. Hao (Creator)
  • K. Jahnke (Creator)
  • A. M. Koekemoer (Creator)
  • E. Lusso (Creator)
  • V. Mainieri (Creator)
  • M. Mignoli (Creator)
  • T. Miyaji (Creator)
  • A. Renzini (Creator)
  • M. Salvato (Creator)
  • J. D. Silverman (Creator)
  • J. Trump (Creator)
  • C. Vignali (Creator)
  • G. Zamorani (Creator)
  • P. Capak (Creator)
  • S. J. Lilly (Creator)
  • D. B. Sanders (Creator)
  • Y. Taniguchi (Creator)
  • S. Bardelli (Creator)
  • C. M. Carollo (Creator)
  • K. Caputi (Creator)
  • T. Contini (Creator)
  • G. Coppa (Creator)
  • O. Cucciati (Creator)
  • S. De La Torre (Creator)
  • L. De Ravel (Creator)
  • P. Franzetti (Creator)
  • B. Garilli (Creator)
  • Gunther Hasinger (Creator)
  • Christopher D Impey (Creator)
  • A. Iovino (Creator)
  • K. Iwasawa (Creator)
  • P. Kampczyk (Creator)
  • J. P. Kneib (Creator)
  • C. Knobel (Creator)
  • F. Lamareille (Creator)
  • J. F. Le Borgne (Creator)
  • V. Le Brun (Creator)
  • O. Le Fevre (Contributor)
  • C. Maier (Creator)
  • R. Pelló (Creator)
  • Y. Peng (Creator)
  • E. Perez Montero (Contributor)
  • E. Ricciardelli (Creator)
  • M. Scodeggio (Creator)
  • M. Tanaka (Creator)
  • L. Tasca (Contributor)
  • L. Tresse (Creator)
  • D. Vergani (Creator)
  • E. Zucca (Creator)



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  • 2010

    On the cosmic evolution of the scaling relations between black holes and their host galaxies: Broad-line active galactic nuclei in the zCosmos survey

    Merloni, A., Bongiorno, A., Bolzonella, M., Brusa, M., Civano, F., Comastri, A., Elvis, M., Fiore, F., Gilli, R., Hao, H., Jahnke, K., Koekemoer, A. M., Lusso, E., Mainieri, V., Mignoli, M., Miyaji, T., Renzini, A., Salvato, M., Silverman, J., Trump, J., & 39 othersVignali, C., Zamorani, G., Capak, P., Lilly, S. J., Sanders, D., Taniguchi, Y., Bardelli, S., Carollo, C. M., Caputi, K., Contini, T., Coppa, G., Cucciati, O., De La Torre, S., De Ravel, L., Franzetti, P., Garilli, B., Hasinger, G., Impey, C., Iovino, A., Iwasawa, K., Kampczyk, P., Kneib, J. P., Knobel, C., Kova, K., Lamareille, F., Le Borgne, J. F., Le Brun, V., Le Fèvre, O., Maier, C., Pello, R., Peng, Y., Montero, E. P., Ricciardelli, E., Scodeggio, M., Tanaka, M., Tasca, L. A. M., Tresse, L., Vergani, D. & Zucca, E., 2010, In: Astrophysical Journal. 708, 1, p. 137-157 21 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    255 Scopus citations