AO-assisted Ground-based Mid-Infrared Imaging in the JWST Era: MIIRAC-5 with Geosnap

  • Michael Meyer (Contributor)
  • Jarron M Leisenring (Contributor)
  • W. F. Hoffman (Contributor)
  • D. Atkinson (Contributor)
  • R. Bowens (Contributor)
  • K. Morzinski (Contributor)



We will describe the Mid-InfraRed Adaptive-optics(AO)-assisted Instrument Development (MIRAID), which enables us to refurbish the MIRAC cryostat with a new Geosnap mid-infrared detector creating MIRAC-5 for use on the MMT and Magellan. MIRAC-5 will be one of the only accessible 3-13 ?m cameras in the world capable of high resolution/contrast imaging with advanced AO. We will characterize the mid-infrared fluxes of known gas giant planets, and attempt the first detections of ammonia, a key nitrogen-bearing species, in exoplanet atmospheres. We will also attempt to image forming protoplanets candidates embedded within circumstellar disks as well as direct detections of mature gas giant planets inferred through radial velocity observations. Ultimately MIRAID will help pave the way for future mid-IR instruments for the next generation ELTs. Our current schedule is to commission MIRAC-5 with the new AO system MAPS on the MMT in 2021 and follow-up with observations at Magellan in 2022.
Date made availableNov 6 2020

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