AmeriFlux AmeriFlux US-NR1 Niwot Ridge Forest (LTER NWT1)

  • Sean P. Burns (Creator)
  • Russell K Monson (Creator)
  • Peter D. Blanken (Creator)
  • Sean Burns (Creator)
  • D. R. Bowling (Creator)
  • A. A. Turnipseed (Creator)



This is the AmeriFlux version of the carbon flux data for the site US-NR1 Niwot Ridge Forest (LTER NWT1). Site Description - The Niwot Ridge AmeriFlux site is located in a subalpine forest ecosystem just below the Continental Divide near Nederland, CO. The site is located at 3050 m elevation, within 600m of the NOAA C1 long-term monitoring station, approximately 8 km east of the Continental Divide. The surrounding subalpine forest is ~97 years old and in a state of aggradation, having recovered from early twentieth century logging (Monson, et al. Global Change Biology (2002), 8 459-478). Additional data, photos, and information can be found at: Burns S. P., P. D. Blanken, and R. K. Monson (2020): Data, Photographs, Videos, and Information for the Niwot Ridge Subalpine Forest (US-NR1) AmeriFlux site. AmeriFlux Management Project.
Date made available2016
PublisherAmeriFlux; University of Colorado
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