Additional file 9 of Extensive evaluation of ATAC-seq protocols for native or formaldehyde-fixed nuclei



Additional file 9: Supplementary Table S9. List of ATAC-seq primers used for PCR and corresponding samples for each barcode. The Nextera N5 primer (Ad1_noMX) and the N7 primer “Ad2.1” and other N7 primer sequences (besides the barcodes) were obtained from [5]. Column 1 (“Name”) indicates the name we used for each primer. Column 2 (“Barcode in Fastq”) shows the sequence returned by the sequencer for that particular primer. Column 3 (“Oligo”) shows the sequence of the primers. Columns 4-11 specify the sample ID, buffer, transposition temperature, enzyme source, fixation state, nuclei input, replicate ID, and sample type for each sample indexed by the corresponding barcode.
Date made available2022

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