Additional file 5: Table S5. of Insights into transcriptional changes that accompany organelle sequestration from the stolen nucleus of Mesodinium rubrum

  • Erica Lasek-Nesselquist (Creator)
  • Jennifer H. Wisecaver (Creator)
  • Jeremiah D Hackett (Creator)
  • Matthew D. Johnson (Creator)



Description and classification of DESeq log2FC under-expressed genes in KN. Genes of note are in bold with parenthetical notation indicating the pathway to which they belong. Genes were assigned to their structural or enzymatic function (for example, “Chromosome”, “Cytoskeleton Proteins”, “Peptidases”, and “Ubiquitin System”) when they returned associations with categories not relevant to this system (for example, Human Diseases and Organismal Processes). (XLSX 48 kb)
Date made available2015

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