Additional file 5 of Exceptional lability of a genomic complex in rice and its close relatives revealed by interspecific and intraspecific comparison and population analysis

  • Zhixi Tian (Contributor)
  • Yanjun Yu (Contributor)
  • Feng Lin (Creator)
  • Yeisoo Yu (Contributor)
  • Phillip Sanmiguel (Creator)
  • Rod A Wing (Creator)
  • Susan McCouch (Creator)
  • Jianxin Ma (Contributor)
  • Scott A. Jackson (Creator)



Additional file 5:Neighbor-Joining "Phylogeny" of the AA-genome varieties constructed using MEGA4 based on the presence/absence of a set of LTR-retrotransposons in individual varieties as illustrated in Figure5. Varieties are numbered according to their orders shown in Figure 5 and Additional file 2. (PPT 318 KB)
Date made available2020

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