Additional file 4 of Dissection of transcriptome dysregulation and immune characterization in women with germline BRCA1 mutation at single-cell resolution

  • Xuexin Yu (Creator)
  • Wanrun Lin (Creator)
  • Alexandra Spirtos (Creator)
  • Yan Wang (Creator)
  • Hao Chen (Creator)
  • Jianfeng Ye (Creator)
  • Jessica Parker (Creator)
  • Ci Ci Liu (Creator)
  • Yiying Wang (Creator)
  • Gabriella Quinn (Creator)
  • Feng Zhou (Creator)
  • Setsuko K Chambers (Creator)
  • Cheryl M. Lewis (Creator)
  • Jayanthi Lea (Creator)
  • Bo Li (Creator)
  • Wenxin Zheng (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center) (Creator)



Additional file 4: Table S2. Top 100 marker genes of fibroblast, T cell, monocytes and blood vessel endothelium.
Date made available2022

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