Additional file 3 of Novel disease syndromes unveiled by integrative multiscale network analysis of diseases sharing molecular effectors and comorbidities

  • Haiquan Li (Contributor)
  • Jung Wei Fan (Contributor)
  • Francesca Vitali (Creator)
  • Joanne Berghout (Creator)
  • Dillon Aberasturi (Creator)
  • Jianrong Li (Contributor)
  • Liam Wilson (Creator)
  • Wesley Chiu (Creator)
  • Minsu Pumarejo (Contributor)
  • Jiali Han (Contributor)
  • Colleen Kenost (Creator)
  • Pradeep C. Koripella (Creator)
  • Nima Pouladi (Creator)
  • David D Billheimer (Creator)
  • Edward John Bedrick (Creator)
  • Yves A. Lussier (Creator)



File S3. Mapping between disease bundles and ICD-9-CM diseases from the HCUP clinical datasets. (TXT 24 kb)
Date made available2018

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