Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Laminin 521 maintains differentiation potential of mouse and human satellite cell-derived myoblasts during long-term culture expansion

  • Christopher M. Penton (Creator)
  • Vasudeo Badarinarayana (Contributor)
  • Joy Prisco (Creator)
  • Elaine Powers (Creator)
  • Mark Pincus (Creator)
  • Ronald E. Allen (Creator)
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FACS sort of DBA/2J satellite cells. Cells were sorted for granularity (SSC × FSC), singlet selection (FSC-W × FSC-H, SSC-W × SSC-H), live/dead (propidium iodide), CD31−/CD45− (Percp-eFluor710), Pdgfrα−/Sca1− (BV421/BV605), and integrin α7+ (PE).
Date made available2016

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