Additional file 1 of Sex differences in the expression of the endocannabinoid system within V1M cortex and PAG of Sprague Dawley rats

  • Aidan Levine (Creator)
  • Erika Liktor-Busa (Creator)
  • Austin A. Lipinski (Creator)
  • Sarah A. Couture (Creator)
  • Shreya Balasubramanian (Creator)
  • Sue A. Aicher (Creator)
  • Paul R Langlais (Creator)
  • Todd W Vanderah (Creator)
  • Tally M Milnes (Creator)



Additional file 1: Figure 1. Regional analysis. A Serial sections from rats’ brains were obtained at a thickness of 30um, moving posteriorly from approximately Bregma -7mm with PAG imaging in the lateral PAG. B Quantification of the relative area immunoreactive in each field for Nissl (neuronal soma), GFAP (astrocytes), and Iba1 (microglia) was statistically similar between regions and sex.
Date made available2021

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