Adaptive interferometric null testing for unknown freeform optics metrology

  • Lei Huang (Creator)
  • Heejoo Choi (Contributor)
  • Wenchuan Zhao (Contributor)
  • Logan R. Graves (Creator)
  • Daewook Kim (Creator)
  • Zhao Wenchuan (Contributor)



We report an adaptive interferometric null testing method for overcoming the dynamic range limitations of conventional null testing approaches during unknown freeform optics metrology or optics manufacturing processes that require not-yet-completed surface measurements to guide the next fabrication process. In the presented adaptive method, a deformable mirror functions as an adaptable null component for an unknown optical surface. The optimal deformable mirror’s shape is determined by the stochastic parallel gradient descent algorithm and controlled by a deflectometry system. An adaptive interferometric null testing setup was constructed, and its metrology data successfully demonstrated superb adaptive capability in measuring an unknown surface.
Date made available2016

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